Our Principles


The following principles are core to the ASS MAGIC brand: athlete COMFORT - every adventure and the whole adventure, product INNOVATION – we are always looking to improve our MAGIC formula, product SAFETY – this cream needs to be safe to use on your skin and not damage your kit and MAGIC – ASS MAGIC is your secret barrier, an essential element to every quest.



Enjoy every ride in complete comfort. Our lanolin-based cream with added zinc-oxide and specific-purpose essential oils provides not only physical relief, but also complete peace of mind.


Keep your skin safe without compromising your cycling gear. Ass Magic protects you against chafing, bacterial and fungal infections, without damaging your kit.




A tried and tested formula, the result of experimenting to find the perfect solution that is both effective and medicinal.


Your secret barrier layer, Ass Magic is an essential piece of gear for every ride. Use of this protective cream create a feeling of extraordinary super natural powers. Magic